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Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

Hatteras, North Carolina #OBX

Posted by Sky Noir on 2014-12-02 16:12:26

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Tiny shipping container homes

Tiny shipping container homes

Element Container Solutions is the future of portable and sustainable living. We provide this services Australia wide as per requirement we design and make it tiny shipping container homes. |

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Modern Military Rabbit Afghanistan

Modern Military Rabbit Afghanistan

Rabbit is coming back, full gear for afghanistan’s mountains.

Here’s the listing of his equipement :
LWRC M6A2 PSD: Brickarms M4 and MP5 top Barrel, Tiny Tactical scope, silencer, barrel and stock
Helmet, night binoculars and goggles : SI-Dan (minifig cat)
Tatoo : Citizen Brick – Ink Enthusiast
Tactical vest : Tiny Tactical
Clock : Tiny Tactical
Cigar : Tiny tactical red shell covered by e-tape
T-shirt : Extensive use of e-tape.
Frontal holster : e-tape (previously seen here)

Nothing really new here apart from a small modification on the M4, and Si-Dan googles which don’t need to be glued to the helmet and so prevent the helmet from damages.

I really love what Si-Dan has made, the helmet and binoculars are really great. I believe Minifig cat will upload the navy seal items in 6 differents colors on his flickr.
If you want to order go on his website, he also has a bricklink.

Posted by Shobrick on 2011-04-15 16:20:48

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Home – Style1397

Home - Style1397

One of the sweetest things is when you come home and your dogs jump all over you because they are happy to see you.

I Love my dogs.

Here are 3 out of my 4 dogs in RL 🙂 Black hairy – Leo which is a tiny Chihuahua with the loudest bark you can imagine. Middle is Lolly- She is the only female out of the dogs and is also a Chihuahua. Last is Lucky – he is a Pomsky and my baby. Picture was taken a few months ago in my yard.
Dog video

blog post

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Every picture holds a story – there is one here… Read below.

Every picture holds a story - there is one here... Read below.

She loved her home. Her husband had built it. With his own hands.
Back then it had been her castle. Now, since he had gone, it had become her refuge. A refuge from the many changes happening all around her.

She did not like change. Her home was evidence of that conviction.
It was much like it had always been – just a little more tired,
and perhaps a little less anxious to receive unexpected guests.
There was a time when she delighted in entertaining friends, neighbours and family. There was nothing else that gave her more joy than enticing her company with recipes that had been passed around and shared in the basement of the church.

The pantry, once bursting with an unlimited supply of canned goods, flour, sugar, spices, herbs, and fresh produce from the garden, now an empty tomb. Her passion for cooking and baking had slowly been extinguished by time.

She used to love gardening too – especially her flower garden.
In the summer, she would pick fresh bouquets and place them in her magnificent vase. Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Zinnias, Roses and her favourite, Hydrangeas. The perfumed essence of their being tantalized the senses as they wafted throughout the house. The vase had been a gift from her husband. It was her most cherished item. It was made of Crystal and she loved how the sun would catch the surfaces and paint rainbows all over the walls.

She loved all her windows too. They brought the outside in.
It did not matter where in the house she was, she always had a clear view of her yard. She could keep one eye on her children as they played outside and another eye on the ginger snaps rising in the oven.

Sometimes, when the afternoon chores were all done and the children were down for a nap she would sit in the rocker by the window and bask in the sun. It warmed her soul. She would close her eyes and allow her imagination to steer her away, coaxing her out of the open window, and fly away for a few brief moments…

She did not like change… but now those people wanted her out.
She could not understand their involvement in her life. It was absurd! She had thought she had staved them off for good but they came back and then they came back again and again. Finally their persistence paid off. There was no fight left within her. … and though she did not like change she held her arms up like a white flag of truce and in silent resignation surrendered.

She found herself in her bedroom now. Tired, disconnected…
She was told to pack her bags. Dutifully she complied.
She knew not where she was going or for how long. She knew they were waiting outside on the front porch though. The last of her few clothes were packed. She walked over to the wall in her bedroom of her home, her castle, her refuge and she embraced it and in so doing she absorbed every single memory that her heart could accommodate and she locked them up, wary, that those people might get the inclination to take them as well…

Satisfied, she smugly walked out her bedroom, suitcase in hand, and as she did she caught a teasing glimpse from a ray of sunshine winking playfully at her. She walked over to the kitchen table and saw the most beautiful vase that she had ever seen. It was made of crystal and from it’s surfaces tiny rainbows shot out from it and danced around the room. It was magnificent! She had never entertained even the thought of stealing anything in her life before but she wanted, no, she needed this vase. Perhaps, the lady of the house would find it in her heart to forgive her for her trespass. With that, she opened her suitcase, and quickly stuffed the treasure in amongst her clothes.

They were waiting outside for her. Those people. Strangers – though there was something vaguely familiar about them.
She got into their car and sat. Stone faced, she tried to summon up some form of self dignity as they drove her away…

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Tiny frog breaking the surface of a pond at dusk , Ian Wade

Tiny frog breaking the surface of a pond at dusk , Ian Wade

I have been working hard in the evenings afterwork photographing infant frogs at my parents home. I love photographing these frogs, they are a fascinating subject to spend time with.

These frogs have been making the journey away from the pond to safety under an oil tank. Over the past 3 weeks I have seen over 100 of these frogs take this epic journey.

My heart really goes out to these tiny frogs, it seems from the beginning of their lives they are constantly fighting to stay alive. From when they are spawn to tadpoles they are a staple food of most predators in their pond. And when they mature to mate and spawn many fall victim to motor vehicles.

The determination of these tiny amphibians should be hugely admired!

I have approached this project in a different angle and tried to capture unique shots throughout different times in the day and evening.

The picture attached here shows the last image of the project and its of a tiny frog breaking the surface in the pond as the light fades from evening to night.

I will be adding the new project to over the following weeks.

Posted by Disorganised Photographer – Ian Wade – Travel, Wil on 2017-06-22 11:31:41

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Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

There are 43 images in my Burrowing Owl album – this photo shows one of the first and only Burrowing Owls that I have ever been fortunate enough to see in the wild. To say that it was a thrill is an understatement! These endangered owls are tiny and so difficult to see, especially when they are down in the grasses. They are a true delight when or if they are seen on a fence post, so that the whole of the bird can be seen, not just a bright yellow eye peering out between the blades of grass. We saw two different individuals, possibly three, and for a brief moment both were perched on distant fence posts at the same time. Most of the time, though, they were mainly hidden in the grass, so my photos tend to be of "eyes". Such a great pity that this is an endangered species!

Without the help of two friends (Ron and Joyce) who helped us know where we might find these birds, and friends Cathy and Terry who invited me to go with them on a wonderful three-day trip to Waterton Lakes National Park, I would never have had this amazing sighting. For years, I had longed to see a wild Burrowing Owl, but never thought it would actually happen! Same for Cathy and Terry, so all three of us are SO grateful for the help we received!

During our three days away, we saw so many things, I hardly know where to start. Perhaps I will simply mention some of the things and then add more detail to each photo as I add them to my photostream. Of course, we couldn’t have had a more beautiful area to explore! Waterton Lakes National Park has amazing scenery and wildlife.

The weather forecast that I saw before we left Calgary said that we were in for three beautiful days of sunshine – too often, it can be rainy weather. So, luck was on our side, giving us warm, sunny days – until the BIG STORM hit, lol! We drove eastwards from the park, hoping to see Yellow-bellied Marmots and, if we were really lucky, a Burrowing Owl. Then an enormous storm cloud moved in. It was like nothing I had ever seen before – a menacing shelf (?) cloud that was travelling fast and furious. Despite trying our best to get away from it, it eventually engulfed our car, surrounding us with more or less zero visibility, pounding hail, thunder and lightning. There was nothing to do but stop the car and sit tight, hoping that the hail would not break the car windows and that this severe thunderstorm would not develop into a tornado! This storm was very scary, but at the same time, exciting (only because all turned out OK in the end!). Our road trip sure went out with a bang! Someone from the Alberta Tornado Watch told me that this particular storm was a Mesocyclone.

So, a few of the things we saw – fantastic scenery, 4 Black Bears (including one that was swimming in the lake), Bison, Deer, Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels, Chipmunks, various bird species including the Burrowing Owls, a few wildflowers, several Yellow-bellied Marmots (a first for me!), a few different insect species, and a family of Dusky Grouse (uncommon in Waterton Lakes National Park). I even got the chance to see three or four new-to-me old, wooden grain elevators.

"As a result of the Burrowing Owl’s ENDANGERED Species status in 1995, it has the focus of a variety of conservation efforts. Operation Burrowing Owl and other projects involving habitat preservation with landowners have been created. Populations are monitored by Fish and Wildlife departments. They have been reintroduced into the British Columbia interior, where it was extirpated. Outlook would improve if larger areas of habitat were preserved and harmful pesticides were banned in all areas of their range. Numbers could increase if an increased tolerance to burrowing mammals develops (i.e. badgers) – provides homes for the Burrowing Owl. Outlook: perilous." From

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This tiny spider set up home on my deck. The lighting was poor so I turned on the flashlight function of my phone and held it in one hand while I took the shot with the other.

In a perfect world I would have used a tripod and side flashes, but sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

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